The old coffin box

lost beneath a six feet plus

Dug up for no reason just

just to lay bare the loops of the lost

“Everything comes with a cost. The demands of the spirits cannot be left unattended to. For Doom craves for blood, and the blood of the innocents it shall have.” A subtle yet mystifying voice came finding its way through our auditory canal, accompanied by the gentle roar of the thunder and brilliant sparkles of lightening. And all the maidens went on their knees with their heads buried into the ground as the heralded the descending of this perfect definition of beauty. A creature as magnificent as none has ever been. As she rode gallantly down from the galaxy above, her perfectly chiseled curves made a unique sight that could bleach the vision from a close look. Around her hips were beams of light shinning outwardly to illuminate the paths that trails her passage. A mere look at her could take one to climax. As seductive as she looked, so was the authority she commanded as she spoke in response to Latifah who had asked that we be released and set free to leave with her. “But there is always a way out of every maze” the descending beauty proceeded to speak. “The seeds of these young lads have been consumed by the my maiden, a ritual which prepares them a perfect sacrifice for Doom. At this point there is almost no going back but for one”. “Then speak up woman for I latifah would give anything humanly possible to have my son back in my arms and in the safety of my protection” Zamani’s mother interjected.

Drained of energy, all we could do was stare and say nothing. Every move we make tightened the string with which we had been fastened to the pole on the altar where the sacrificial table had been made ready. The hopelessness on our faces began to disappear with the emergence of Latifah but this too wasn’t without a cost.

“Behold the eyes of Doom I am and thus states his conditions. Behold the one that cometh from afar, to you he speaks. Behold the attornment for the blood of the innocents i give. behold your freedom to depart no more i seize” These where the words that proceeded from the mouth of the priestess to Latifah who obviously got confused about what she was saying. ” Speak in plain language for I latifah, cherished daughter of the spirits of Achalamunta would offer what you ask for but must first of all understand that which you seek”. The priestess continued to speak. ” I offer you these young lads in exchange for nothing less that the beauty i see in you, the glamour your body will present to doom and the lust that all men could and will never be able to run from. I offer you this duo in exchange for nothing less than you. that you remain here as a divine maiden dedicated to the service of doom. Dedicated to the ruin of men for all time”

“No!” Zamani shouted. “No! I will rather die than have my mother in the captivity of these devilish cult! For if I die i die but for my mother I will forever live”. Zamani went on and on in tears as he struggled to get loosed from the bondage of the strings. Latifah approached her beloveth son gave him a warm hug and said “son listen…



doom! doom!! doom!!!…..                                                          we give to you our moans                                                          As you ride gallantly on the wings of the dragons                 spearing no one for the sake of doom. 

“…Sorry I had to let Zamani tell a little of my story in his own account. So now, I am picking up my linens where i took my bath”

The path to nowhere was the path to THE DAWN OF DOOM’S DAY.  Latifa had journeys so far but yet to come is a distance still far.  The further she came the farther it seemed. The only comfort she had was the believe that she does not journey along. For the ancestral guardian spirits of Achalamunta had never left her to sourjon alone.  Soon the sun began to the set in the lonely forest paths and the hours left to the consummation of the sacrifice lessened speedily.

Back home in Achalamunta, Everything seemingly returned to normal a few hours after latifah had left for the search of the unknown.  Zuberu had called a party to celebrate freedom. freedom from restrictions created by Latifah’s presence. Freedom to swim in kegs and litres of palm wine. to him there was nothing more to worry about if he is got a lost son and a soon to be lost wife too.

“Oh ndedo..                                                                                                       iwiniwini sawange..”

Latifah sang repeatedly a song from a folk tale that had been told through generations in Achalamunta. This rhythm was believed to set one’s feet in the right path when they seem to loose their direction. From afar she sighted the sign post  ” THE DAWN OF DOOMS DAY”. “strange” she muttered to herself. “This couldn’t have been in this path all along, Father use to take us through this paths as kids, never say anything like this” A thousand and one thoughts raced through her mind. she moved on even with the burdens which was becoming overwhelming.

After a long walk for a long day she stepped into the path that led to the mystery land where we had been kept captive. The paths suddenly great quieter that usual, the ambience was scaringly being harmonized by the scary whistling of the pines and the hooks produced by scrolls. upon taking the next step, a sudden chill came upon her and goosebumps clothed her shining black skin. There was no doubting that danger was eminent. suddenly appeared beautiful ladies who were glamorously positioned at the sides of the path exposing the curves and lusts that she had never seen before. ther figures looked so much like the type she had only seen in folk tales and the sat neither speaking to each other nor inviting any other for a chat. In their eyes was the hunger to be taken and along their hipline was the message that speaks nothing but sex

“I come in peace”. Latifah was able to mutter after a while of confusion and fear. Fear, not of the unknown but or the strange paths her quest has led her to.  Again she repeated, “I come in peace”.  Directly opposite her, was a full breasted and wide waisted curvy lady who signal to her to proceed forth while the led her through the path and further into our dwelling.

To be continued….EOB



“Nearer my God” was the song playing in my heart                       even if it be a thought, survival was never nigh                             As the solemn wind of fate blew, i say beyond sands of time

“I won’t sit arms folded just like the rest of you and loose my son, the gift of the gods so rare. I will not act cowardly like you, men of Achalamunta and take whatever fate brings upon me. Therefore I go in search of my son. The path that leads, I do not know. But my destination i must surely reach. If I never return, remember the name “Latifah” for all times. Let children unborn hear tales of my bravery; what you men couldn’t do. Therefore i go. And as I go, I go in peace but with quest in heart. A quest that either unites me with my son or separates us for ever”

Tears came down many cheeks as Latifah speaks, there was a sudden silence that engulfed the whole village. Every word that proceeded from her seemed like a farewell to the rest and every break brought down another drop tears. “I will go with go with you” A voice spoke up in the crowd. It was Zuberu. “You will go nowhere without me, I fathered Zamani and thus i will lead the search”.  “If you insist, then fine I will have to stay back then while the all of a sudden concerned father of my son go in search of his boy. I will stay back home and make the best of meal in  preparation for the return of my heroes” Latifer Interjected .


“Oh no! my stomach hurts” Zuberu suddenly changed the topic. “i remember the native doctor said i must get enough rest if i wanted my ulcer gone” he added. That is my father for you. Laziness was not only the the vice he had, he also carried a symbol of cowardice.”I almost thought i knew you not. Zuberu! all of a sudden becomes a heroes. Someone please wake me up because i have a train to catch” latifah said with a mixed feelings of both anger and despise, while everyone bursted into a wild laughter.

My mother, the gift of the gods to me picked up a few things and left for an unknown destination with her instinct as her only compass and the voice of the gods, her cardinals. A day or two had passed and we were both drained of energy. It was now time for the sacrifice proper. Again, appeared beautiful maidens to wash our bodies and prepare us for the ultimate sacrifice. Our tears ran dry and our tongue could plead no more. One thing was certain, “death”.

It was on our way to the altar of sacrifice that something happened…

To be continued…EOB




EDGES OF BLADE contd. Episode VI


It was the eve of the Feast of Dooms Day and there was a mandatory ritual which demanded the blood of two virgin boys. We ultimately became the scapegoats . The ritual would begin from the evening of the eve with a feast of the innocent which demanded that we the would be victim would be fastened to a pole in the middle of the sanctuary dedicated to the deity called scorn. while on that pole we were stripped naked and a bevy of flawlessly beautiful virgin girls were compelled to feast on our little manhood until our first orgasm was experienced.

The first of the the girl that came my way was what i would define as a perfection of art. As she proceeded towards me, it seem like angel coming from above on a chariot of  spotless stallions and her eyes radiate a supernatural effect that got my penal muscles exceeding breaking points. I was so lost in her beauty that i almost forgot that today may be our last.  Before I could say Jack , she was stand in front of me so close that i could feel every of her aura. Then rhythmically she went down on her knees in a erotic manner until her knees kissed the floor and her her mouth was directly facing my john thomas so close the the heat from her breath gave more life to the young man in front of her and its length was stretched even further

I was tired back to back with Zamani and the only thing that separated us was the wooden pole to which we have been tired to. While all these dramatic seduction was happening, my spirit tried even harder to battle the lust i felt so deeply withing me. But what could a helplessly tired boy do? And suddenly something relatively colder touched the tip of my cap just at the opening that terminated my urethra and there was an immediate pleasure that journeyed through my whole system causing my jaw to drop and a drop of tears fell from my eyes.

Meanwhile back home the elders of Achalamunta had gathered to take a decision on their next move in the search for there sons since the have exhausted all the avenues available to them. Latifa the maiden from beyond, without delay sort to consult the gods on her own resolution unknown to the elders. For she had always had this unfailing favor from the gods for her morally upright way of life. Her divination reached the gods who did provide answer but it was in parables that she barely understood what the gods have revealed. So she followed her instincts an set out in the direction of the sound of the divine, a part that will ultimately bring her our way and change the course of not just her life but that of Zamani, myself, Zuberu and the rest of Achalamunta forever.

while i was almost reaching my third orgasm, Zamani was yet to experience the first. he was so flaccid that his manhood wouldn’t respond to an over three hours of intense feasting from these beauties that honored what was meant to be our first and last. Soon they all left him and then came the queen of the cartel herself as she proceeded towards him. a magical effect exhumed from her body that not just Zamanis’ stood perfectly erect but mine too that was thought to have lost all energy. and when she was half way from where she had sat and where we were tied, she proceeded to strip herself in a manner that made me long to eat her up from my captivity spot. slowly she proceeded, lips licking, hips swaying and her perfectly rounded breasts moved in accordance to the steps she took. everything was so erotically perfect that i came twice even before she reached Zamani. when she had finally arrived she bent it low giving her back to zamani in a manner that her opening from the rear has Zamanis’ Little man pointing directly into it. Then gently she moved backward and every inch brought this dick closer to this wonder land. I could feel him battle his emotions until the lips of the labia met the tip of the cap and a voice scream “All haill the king”

…to be contd.

EDGES OF BLADE contd… Episode V.


“Slowly her eyes lowered and settled on what swayed before her. Her gasp being the only sounds between them. She became mesmerized, by the black mamba. Now, she couldn’t back out no more; she didn’t want to run either. Her only thoughts were of  where this night would lead her.She yearned to be taken here and now….”

Latifa wouldn’t stop crying. The apple of her eyes is nowhere to be found. Zamani a child she priced above every other thing in life is nowhere to be found. Its has been two days since our mysterious disappearance, and the whole village of Achalamunta has been thrown into confusion.

Zuberu, my unconcerned drunkard father was easily seated on his cane chair, about to devour a mountain size bowl of fufu which my ever-loving mother had made him even though he had neither provided money for a meal nor asked how it came about. His first attack on the fufu was only a few inches from his mouth when a thunderous call of his name bombarded his tympanic membrane from the rear, sending an instant shock on him which caused a misdirection of the egusi soup crowned fufu ball onto his nose. “Zuberu!” a village guard came running in while calling his name at the top of his voice. “What? What? Why can’t one have a moment of peace in this house?” Zuberu asked. “What peace do you seek for, when your house is on fire eh? Your son  and the son of Latifa have been missing for a day and… and you asked for peace? What kind of peace do you want? Eh eh, tell me! Tell me! What kind of peace do you want?” Expectant of a sober response from my never-do-good father, my father  immediately attacked in his usual manner.”And so? What about it?  Is that why i can’t eat my food in peace?”. Imagine that.  All that my father was concerned about was his plate of fufu. To him, I narrowly became his. Most times when I made a little mistake or when he had had just more than a cup of palm wine, he would carelessly say how he wasn’t sure he was responsible for the pregnancy that brought me forth. As if his reaction wasn’t condemn-able enough, he proceeded. “That reduces the mouths to feed by one”.

Meanwhile in our fairy tale world, My palm hand just fallen on the softest palm I ever felt. she took me and held me with unutterable tenderness and we proceeded into an inner room. Thought of various kinds clouded my mind. Where was this going to end? What were we heading for? What would the experience be like? Too many questions raced through my head, but not an answer showed up while we headed towards these inner room. I followed sheepishly a few steps behind her, holding firmly to her right hand. While we walked my eyes wouldn’t leave the most controversial waist of all time. My eyes moved helplessly rhythmically in the direction of the movement of her hips line. And occasionally I would swallow a little saliva to help my hunger for the food of the gods as we were made to know it was by our then parents.

Finally we got to the door at the end of this long aisle and it opened up to to the most ironic scenario. On the wall directly opposite the the door was Zamani, tied to a wooden pole and stripped naked. Before I could say “Za…”, I got a push from behind and fell into the room and the door shut immediately.

To be contd…EDGES OF BLADE


EDGES OF BLADE contd… EpisodeIV


“Let me guess,

it’s a paradise with no stress.

what i will do is just strip my vest,

and let the veins do the rest.


I woke up to the sounds of moans and pains, from what seemed a lifetime of slumber. Not remembering where i came from or where I was. In a bit, it felt like something had hit me on the head and spontaneously my memories returned. “Zamani! Where is my brothers? Where is Zamani?” those where the only words that recurrently  came out of my mouth. After a number of times asking the same question over again, a deep male voice uttered “He is fine and probably happier that the last time you saw him.”  I was confused at his reply and insisted that i wanted to see him before I could believe his words. Then holding my hand in a manner not anywhere close to friendly, he led me through a passage leading to a door on which was written “LORD OF THE LUST”. He pushed a bar; a few inches adjacent to the door and something mysteriously amazing happened. The spot on which we stood began to lower into an underground chamber and i felt like screaming at the top of my voice. But the more I tried to mutter a sound, the more my strength failed. Soon, I gave up the attempt to speak. We rode downwards on what seemed like a modern day lift until it came to a stop at a depth about a dozen times my height and another door opened. I managed to free myself off his gripe, a move I had been calculating in my head while we where on the mysterious lift. Immediate I took a step pass the door line, I fell into another maze. It felt like a landslide and I was glided downward by a mixture of fluid, ash and debris for almost a period of twenty minutes until I was finally in what i would describe as the most glamorous shelter I have ever entered in all of my life. I managed to stagger unto my feet when Zamani’s voice came calling “Achilla! Achilla! Over here. This way”. I was still dazzled as the transporting ash which had risen just above me produced a blurry vision making it momentarily impossible for me to see where he was calling from. After a few seconds, the vision became clearer and behold the most seducing sight of a lifetime. An orgy of men and ladies in a beastly manner. Grinding and moaning in a mixture of slimes and genital oozes. A cacophony of sounds of pleasure and pain.


This was definitely the height. I quickly covered my eyes with my palms and had them so tight on my face making sure that not even the farthest angle of my eyes will see these Sodom and Gomorrah even though in my heart I really wanted to take a second look or maybe a peep. But I kept saying in my heart ” You are a decent child, brought up in the ways of morality”. My body battled my heart for not too long a while before all came crumbling. Inspired by the loud moaning coming from every corner of the room, I soon forgot that I wanted so desperately to see Zamani. All of my wants became to see the atrocity which our morality-upholding parents had denied us an experience of all these years.

“Come to me boy”. A plus size waist, tall and elegant beauty progressed in my direction signaling an invitation with her right index, while her tongue moved effortlessly up and down her lips.


“Come to me boy”. She repeated the same words over and over while she progressed further. Soon my legs began to move towards her without the littlest hesitation like I was being pulled by a magnetic force. As I put out my right hand to reach hers which was all the way out already I…

To be contd….EDGES OF BLADE



“where did her innocence go? Would her story be ever told like it was years ago. This is not a mere caption, for her lose of glory is evident in all of her actions. Though i may never have her the same again. I will always wish she walks with me this plain again. …” […]


EDGE OF BLADE contd… Episode III


“where did her innocence go?

Would her story be ever told like it was years ago.

This is not a mere caption,

for her lose of glory is evident in all of her actions.

Though i may never have her the same again.

I will always wish she walks with me this plain again.


Could this be the longest walk to freedom? could it be just my heart missing it all? would i ever she her beautiful and innocent face again? So many questions remained unanswered for me. And its appear more never to be answered, for the traces she had left behind  disappears with the rise of new sediments of clay.I would sit at the same spot all day and ponder while the sun journeys from rising to setting. My name is Achilla and this is my account of the story.

The ambience of this lonely bush track was terrifying. All that was to be heard where whistling from the birds and pines accompanied by the chills from the imminent horror. We had walked so many miles farther away from our supposed destination clueless of the fact that we had followed a wrong part. Soon the sun began to set and the forest parts of Achalamuta became calmer and scarier. “I am certain we have followed the wrong part. I see no signs neither do i hear sounds that proves we are getting to the village. Zamani, are you sure we haven’t missed our way home?” This was the ultimate question that broke the silence in which we had walked for over a mile. But even at that, his response was more serene than the atmosphere prior to my question. He was absolutely lost in thoughts. Thoughts of only the gods know what. I bet that was the major reason we heard strayed that far, for Zamani was a boy too smart to forget a path he passes once.

Latifa had sent out signal of our nowhere to be found story and soon the whole villagers were in all directions looking for I and Zamani. Soon we arrived a small community in the middle of nowhere. A settlement of not more that five huts nucleated within a neatly clear area of about a few plots of land with signs of no one. Just at the entrance of the settlement was an inscription on a roughly chiseled board and it read ” THE DAWN OF DOOMS DAY”

My feet wouldn’t move any further. I was totally consumed by fear as the inscription and the loneliness of this sight spelt nothing but trouble to me. “This is the point where we have to make a turn” I quietly said to Zamani to avoid anyone hearing my voice, should there be anyone around. But innocently fearless zamani replied: “We have come too far to return. One thing is certain, the fact that we lost our path. But another isn’t, the possibility that we may have stumbled into a treasure chest, one that may have been hidden far away from the discovery of the people of Achalamunta. We will never know except we take a look”. “zamani please we have to go back now” I tried persuading him but it only ushered in a few minutes of argument that gradually gathered momentum. When it dawned on me that he wasn’t going to yield i decided to leave him behind and make a turn. i had barely completed my turn into a perfect 180 degrees only to behold these elegant black goddesses, perfectly chiseled into living edifices of sensuality. Their skins glowed like the light from the rising sun, perfectly oiled to trigger a lustful urge for a devour. From head to toe, their beauty was psychedelic and out of these world, as the  progressed towards us swinging their perfectly rounded waist in a manner that got my jaw dropping. Zamani, who was rapt in attention on the huts ahead never knew my ordeal behind.

He called out my name loudly and suddenly, I went blank……..

To be contd…..EDGES OF BLADE



EDGES OF BLADE contd… Episode II.



“Slow and steady we rode on a rickety bus,

galloping on the ride like an angered horse.

If we win, let it be historys’ to keep.

But if we fail, may our stories never be skipped


And on and on we would sing this particular song. A song which was only folk for many of our age then but for the two of us, every letter in every word of it were like Morse codes sending signals to our hearts.

I was only a few days older than my 7th year birthday when I met him. Bold and black, young and courageous. He was the envy of other boys of his age and the wish of every girl within the bracket. Born without a silver spoon; abandoned an orphan not by death but by fate. Zamani was his name and excellence was his aim.


Latifa, the maiden from beyond as she was popularly know was a beautiful black woman. An icon of beauty and black seduction. She was only 18 years of age when she fell in love with Zamani’s father and nine months later yielded the product Zamani. Daughter of a high priestess and the then archive of modesty. We would often refer to Zamani as son to the goddess herself neither because of his mother’s hypnotizing beauty nor was it for her arresting charms. But because in her was seen by all, the perfections of the gods as she rode gallantly on the wings of morality even when her looks may appear seducing.


Zamani and Latifa had just return from the one month-in-mind ritual of his late maternal grandfather when it all began. It came like  wild whirls and blew every facet of morality far from its habitat. Latvia the serpent in bronze had just returned from a  foreign world after over twenty years of a clueless disappearance. She hadn’t come back alone but with a bevy of feminine immoralities personified. It was an evident apocalypse. They had returned to take over the reign of morality. Latvia had returned with five other strange ladies who as strange as the were, was their lifestyle. They would parade the streets of Achalamunta in almost naked bodies exposing their feminine dignity without remorse and seducing every straying eye of a male that comes their way. Families were broken and children abandoned as many most men of the beautiful town had chosen the pleasure of the thighs to the comfort of their homes.


I walked among them even though as a child but i was fully aware of the lust that these vain figures filled the air with. Soon the became every man’s favorite for they were always willing to spare that pound of flesh that was labelled sacred and left to be eaten by elders alone to every Tom, Dick and Harry who had a whip between his legs. The dawn of Achalamuta suddenly became dark and carnality became the slogan.

“Against all the odd, My father stood firm. Firm to his believe. Firm to his faith” Zamani would always say many year after dooms day. Only a few men escaped the grasp of these mermaid-beauty ladies. How could they? Just a look at their curves could bring anyone close to orgasm. Their skins beam radiations of beauty and lust. Their lips so enticing that a kiss may last forever and there thighs were the types a priest would prefer to follow to hell. And so they went from house to houses taking the virginity of young lads and breaking the sanctity of families with the pleasure within their thighs only for a few pieces of silver or nothing at all


that was when she lost it……..

To be contd…..EDGES OF BLADE



Where did her innocence go?

It’s official!
In less than 24 hours,
The first edition of the most anticipated entertainment cook-up will hit you like a flood. Sweeping you off your fit, yet keeping you on the edge all the way.
Remember it’s pure, raw and original.
So fasting your seat belt and get ready for take off.

…the story of a lost African woman

And so her journey began…

To be contd.